How to Make Triple Single



I will be teaching you how to make a triple single

Step 1: What You'll Need

You will need ...
• a loom
• a crotchet hook
• elastics

Step 2: Band Placement

Place bands on each pin going upwards like in the picture
Continue until you reach the top

Step 3: Placing Triangles

Take a different color (I use white or black) and skip the first three pegs go to the next three and put the band on so it looks like and upside down triangle continue this the whole way up

Step 4: Looming the Bands

Turn loom so arrow is pointing towards you

Grab the rubber band on the left pin mine is blue and loop the band straight up to the next pin.Do the same with the other two. Continue picking up the bands and looping all the way to the top

Step 5: Finishing It Up

Take the the left loop bands and put them on the middle peg do the same with the right

Then take 1 elastic and put it through the middle peg. Keep it on the hook and slowly take off your bracelet

Step 6: Lastly

You take the part still on the hook and do it as you would a single bracelet the add an s or c-clip There you have it a triple single



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