How to Make Palette From Trash (DIY Homemade CD&Bottlecap Palette )




Today's project is a very cool project which is recycling some trash into something useful. Which You Can use For Watercolor Painting . The Project Is Very Easy , Cheap And Fun

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Step 1: Make Sure to Watch the Video for More Information

Step 2: What You Will Need :

Component :

Some bottle caps


Step 3: How to Make It ?

Evenly spread the caps on the DVD and then fix them with glue ( iam using hot glue )

Step 4: The Fun Begins

You are done and its ready to use

Step 5: Please Support Me

Support Me With Like , Comment , Share Or Maybe Subscribe <3

Step 6: Contact US

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    zhyar4kurdsina elec

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank You , Make Sure To Check Out My Channel For More Great Ideas

    Trish Dee

    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is just great. Our craft group just might be able to use this if they

    bring in someone to teach us how to paint.. A wonderful idea. Thank you for


    1 reply