How to Make You Nerf Gun Accuracy Consistent





Introduction: How to Make You Nerf Gun Accuracy Consistent

This one step will help with the consistency of your accuracy. Removable Nerf barrels are loose, so they can be removed but that negatively effects consistency of the accuracy because it moves from side to side. To remedy this problem you'll need
electrical or duct/duck tape
scissors or utility knife

Step 1: First and Final Step

Take some tape (electrical or duct tape) I used duct tape because of its thickness put some on the left side of the barrel and check to see it wobbles you need to put another layer on if the barrel is crooked to the right the tape is too thick or you put to much on



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    3 Discussions

    It is an exchange. I have tested pistols and barrelless guns to be more potent but less accurate. In turn, a Retaliator with barrel is more accurate but gives you less distancd.

    You do realize that having a barrel will actually decrease range and accuracy, because the dart will bounce off the walls of the barrel, therefore transferring its energy to the barrel, and giving the dart itself less energy.