How to Make Your Mom's Emachine Run REAL Games




Introduction: How to Make Your Mom's Emachine Run REAL Games

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Ok so you have Your mom's old PC from '03 or '04 but it can't run games now sure it can run WoW but almost any machine can, BUT YOU WANT TO PLAY CRYSIS, too bad you won't learn how to make your machine run crysis here.

Step 1: The Stuff

You'll notice i recycle pictures =/

A computer
A GFX card that is compatible to you mother board Graphic Cards
Proper power for the card (internal power supply) if needed
Common Sense
Screwdriver Philips

Step 2: Install It

Take out the expansion case plate thingy, there is a screw holding it in.

Step 3: Stick It In

Get the chip and stick it in the right (correct) slot

Step 4: Done!

Now its in and ready to have drivers installed for it! and to check to see if a game can be ran on your machine visit this website choose the game and it will run on your machine and tell you y/n

My PC may Suck PLS tell me



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    18 Discussions

    I have an Emachines T3120.
    AMD Sepron(tm) Processor 3100+
    1.81 ghz 384 MB of RAM
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Service Pack 3
    About 200 GB Drive(C:)
    About 50 GB Drive (D:)
    :( I wanna play NFS World but can't!

    Hey buddy you might want to change that "onboard graphics controller". Its not. That is the southbridge, and that piece with the heatsink is the onboard graphics.

     or go and find an old bar fridge rebuild your pc in inside it and overclock the absolute hell out of it 

    yeah we played oblivion on it back when it used only one gig

    one of my aged computers has an fx5500 and 2 gigs of ram it plays L4D p4 2.8 with HT tho

    I think it would take more than a new graphics card to make a 2003-vintage emachine (2.6GHz Celeron or thereabouts, maybe 512MB RAM) run Crysis. If you have actually taken a 6-year-old emachine, added a new graphics card and have Crysis running then feel free to prove me wrong (and please post some specs) but I think there's only so far you can upgrade a machine of that age and price bracket before you are building a new rig on the old case. Don't get me wrong, a new GFX card can really rejuvenate an older machine for running games on, but I think the scenario you have described is too much of a stretch.

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    Did you even read my instructable? i said it WOULDN'T run crysis, jesus the nerve of some of you guys, read the whole thing then comment, or else you look like a troll, which i hope you arn't, I have a 4 pc that i bought from HP in '04, pentium d 3ghz 4 gigs of ram and a 6800gs in it (pci-e x16) so yeah that 4 y/o pc can run run crysis with a new gfx card (can anyone say 8900 gt for 50 bucks?) lol saying 2.6 ghz on an '03 emachine is a stretch too, more like 2.4 and ram, i had an old emachine that i picked up from a friend it had 128 mb of ram in it! WEAK, but yeah he got that as some super deal blowout.

    Ah- the "YOU WANT TO PLAY CRYSIS" and the big Crysis image distracted me from the "you won't learn how to make your machine run crysis here." part.

    "Economy" prebuilt computers astound me- a friend was bought one by his dad, it came pre-installed with Vista and had 512MB of RAM. It ran about as fast as a tectonic plate. We upgraded it for him to 2GB and WIndows XP, then it worked properly.

    This is ok I guess... Photography a little poor, try finding a macro mode for closeups, it looks like a small flower normally on the mode wheel or in the menu. Maybe expanding a little on drivers and how to find the cards model number to find the correct ones. Another thing could be showing some ATX, PCI and PCIx16 etc ports to show what it could be. Mentioning the processor too, or what type of card could run what would be helpful, I.E. A card with only 64mb of video ram really wouldn't run some games well. Three popular games minimum requirements perhaps? Other than that, it sure is an instructable.

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    yeah macro would make sense, if my camera had it, and i ididnt want to go grab our canon 40d since i would have to put then lnses on and spend time doing all that stuff, but yeah if i were planning on doing something really big i would outstretch and do pci-e x16 (i have 1 comp that has only 1/2 pci's, two that have AGP 8x two that have SLI capabilities and one that is just x16, but the final three are still under warranty so im not opening them) 64mb card could run game f you bottlnecked (i think is the term) the vRam and OC'd the GPU you could run most games easily.

    This should be more accurately named "How to install a new gfx card" You did not tell me how to make a stock emachines computer run real games.

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