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A chalkboard is something every family should own. It is a great way to let kids' imaginations go wild and let them draw to their hearts content. A chalkboard is fun for all ages, but unfortunately, not many people own a nice one. If you buy one, it can easily be more than 20 dollars. So why not make one for less? This chalkboard cost me around 5 dollars. It was a blast to make, and if you have kids, they will love to help! Here's how to make one:

The materials-
I payed for one thing that I didn't have, and that was chalkboard paint. It cost me around five dollars. The rest of the things I had already or garbage picked. They are:
- Scrap Wood (for the ledge to hold the chalk)
- Spray Paint and Normal Paint, assorted colors (to decorate and make it look nice)
- Painter's Tape or Duct Tape (to separate colors when you spray paint)
- Paint Brushes
- Large piece of wood, I garbage-picked a Headboard (this will be the chalkboard)

How To Do It-
Find a large piece of wood. I found a headboard (from a bed), which I think works great because it looks nicer than just a rectangular piece of wood. Then spray paint (or paint it) to your heart's content. Make it very colorful, or just have one base color. It's up to you. Next, put on a coat of chalkboard spray paint. Wait an hour or so, and then put on another light coat of it. For the tray that holds the chalk, take scrap pieces of wood and hammer them together. Then hammer that to the chalkboard. Once you are all done with that, it's time to personalize your chalkboard! Use normal paint to make designs, game templates, words, fingerprints, or whatever you want to decorate it. Once you are done, let all of the paint dry.

Congratulations, you just finished your chalkboard. It only takes a couple of hours and is extremely easy and cheap. This is the perfect thing to do with your family for a day, and everyone will have fun doing it! Enjoy!

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