How to Make Your Own Cute Easter Gift Set



This is how to make a cute, little Easter basket gift set! I thought it would be a perfect idea for all of those last minute Easter gift shoppers :) Hope you enjoy, and successfully learn how to create it. It's simple, easy, and definitely not too stressful!

Step 1: Get Your Items Together

You'll need a variety of supplies including:

1) An empty gift box, or basket

2)Shrink Wrap

3) Hair Dryer

4) And of course, the treats (chocolate bunny, jelly beans, stuffed animal toy bunny, whatever treats are special to you, etc.)

Step 2: Your Empty Gift Box or Basket

Gift box: You'll only need the bottom part of the gift box. Place all items in the gift box, and arrange them accordingly to how you would like to present the gift.

Basket: Place all the items in the basket, and arrange them accordingly to how you would like to present the gift.

Step 3: Shrink Wrap and Hair Dryer

Why this combination? It's something my mother taught me when I was younger. You place a large piece of shrink wrap under the box/basket. You bring the ends over the the top part of the box/basket. There's not always a need for tape if the ends of the shrink wrap fit together well, but do not hesitate to tape the ends. Here is where the hair dryer comes in handy. The hair dryer helps bring the shrink wrap together, so there's not so much air inside. It tightens the shrink wrap from the inside and out, also presenting it in a nicer view.

Step 4: Done :)

You''ve seen this picture a few times already, but your finished product should be something close to this:) Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy your new finish product. Happy Easter :)



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