How to Make Your Own Graffiti Stickers



Step 1: Paper

It's preferable you sketch out your design on a piece of paper. This will give you all the freedom to sketch what you wish to sketch but preferably use pencil on the paper in case of accidents

Step 2: Sketch Out the Design

Step 3: Get Some Type of Sticker Paper

Once you've sketched out your design transfer it to the sticker paper use pencil

Step 4: Then Go Over THe Pencil With Pen or Sharpie

Be carful doing this and use a thin sharpie or pen

Step 5: Color in the Design

If can use deco color markers if not sharpie or other works fine

Step 6: Cut Out the Sticker If You Want

Leave a corner or 2 on so you can peal it off easier

Step 7: Stick It Somewhere

Stick it in a place of your choosing but be careful cuz you will most likely get in trouble if some police see you



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