How to Make Your Own Guitar Picks!!!!!!!!!




Introduction: How to Make Your Own Guitar Picks!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah. Im not the first one to do this, but here is my way. Below is Me pondering existence.

Step 1: Quick Walkthrough

Get Card
Cut Out
Sharpie More (optional)
Go play guitar with your brand new pick

Step 2: Materials!!!

Something to put picks in
Real pick
Scissors or if you are skilled, chainsaw

Step 3: Make Pattern!

Sharpie the edge of the guitar pick onto the card. It should come out like the image below.

Step 4: CUT!

Cut out the rough shape of the guitar pick. It should come out like below.

Step 5: FILE!

File/sand it down to almost exactly the shape of the guitar pick. Below was TERRIBLE.


That's it. Put them in the case.


Pimp it. I used sharpie and an altoids tin.

Step 8: Done!

You are done! Hope this instructable helped. I need a final image, so here is my dog.



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    because his dog makes monsters eat pie, unicorns rain from the sky, and Michel Jackson fart magical rainbow colored teddy bears

    yay you have a yorkie! I do too!
    I make my picks out of old world of warcraft prepaid cards. works like a charm

    the pick w/ the dude holding an iPOD is kinda cool.

    I forgot my pick while i was trying out for a talent show. My music teacher made me use his credit card! lol

    lol i have done this but i dont like them ( too thin) im used to using 2 mil picks on my bass

    I've done this for a while now, it works great. its also allowed me to experiment with new pick designs or reproductions of some of those crazy cool picks you can find online. but you dont need to file, just cut it out better. instead of a rough cut, cut to exactly your tracing, and use a fine-point sharpie to trace picks instead.

    2 replies

    I used to use a fine tip sharpie, but the tip started sucking. I personally think that you should file anyway, to make it perfect. Of course, filing is also easier because it takes less precision than cutting with a chainsaw. But thank you for your constructive criticism!

    I did this with a hotel key. it made a pretty nice pick. and if anyone gets the smart idea to melt the edges with a lighter, don't. all it does is make an annoying little lip.

    2 replies