How to Make Your Own Nail Polish




Introduction: How to Make Your Own Nail Polish

Step 1: What You Need

Sticky tape
Tooth pick
Nail polish ( clear )

Step 2: Instructions

First get your paper and sticky tape and make it into a funnel.

Step 3:

You can take the label off but I want to leave it on . Then take the top off of the bottle and put the brush on some paper

Step 4:

Then stick the funnel in the bottle

Step 5:

Then Pour the glitter down the funnel.

Step 6:

After take the funnel out.

Step 7:

Then get your tooth pick and stir the glitter into the nail polish.

Step 8:

Then put the lid on and there you have your nail polish hope you try it out and comment on this . :)



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    4 Discussions

    So, you're basically making glitter nail polish? Cool. I wonder if there is a way to make solid colors...

    1 reply

    Yeah . You can make solid colours with eyeshadow or maybe paint . :)