How to Make Your Own Wand

Introduction: How to Make Your Own Wand

This is just one way to make your own wand using supplies you might have laying around the house. 

Either way, if you had to go out and buy everything I used, it wouldn't be very expensive. 


NOTE: **The picture is the FIRST wand I made. I assumed that it would be a success and so I decided to make an instructable right from the beginning...the glue gun messed me up.** :D

Step 1: Supplies

Ok, here is what you'll need: 

- Paint  (varies, depending on your design)

- Big AND small paint brushes 

- Some kind of clear coat (I used Sculpey gloss glaze, but you can try using clear nail polish)

- Glue gun

- a wand shaped stick (I have the back of  an old, broken paintbrush)

NOTE: **I ended up using silver spray paint instead of the silver GLITTER paint I bought a while ago by mistake**

Step 2: Painting

Ok so first, paint the body of the wand. Simple enough. :)

I painted my wand black and made the handle green. (SLYTHERIN PRIDE) 

Step 3: Glue Gun

Ok. So now, use your glue gun to make embellishments. You'll be painting those in another color, so be aware how thick or thin they are. 

I have 2 glue guns, one is thinner than the other.


Step 4: Paint Some More

This is where I used the spray paint. I just sprayed into the cap until I had enough and then I used the smallest brush I had to paint the embellishments. 

NOTE: **If you're impatient like me, you can use a blow dryer to dry off the paint faster. As long as you put thin layers of paint, nothing bad will happen.**

Then just paint some glaze over the whole thing. I put 1 coat on mine, but I recommend at least 2. 


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    4 years ago

    Would it be cool if I used this in a magazine I need to make in school? I have to have a DIY project, and since I love Harry Potter, I though this would be cool.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I actually didnt have everything needed, but i had nail polish (and coating), A red brush sharpie, old paintbrush, and a hot glue gun