How to Make a Cardboard Tank





Introduction: How to Make a Cardboard Tank

I will show you how to make a cardboard tank.I made this really quick ,but the ones in the other pictures took longer.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
a pencil
an eraser
tape (masking tape works best)
1 army guy (optional)
1 flattened empty cereal box

Step 2: Step 1

draw all the sides on cardboard.Use the pic to see what I draw on.

Step 3: Step3

draw the details on your tank with a pencil and color in the tank with markers.

Step 4: Step 4

cut out the tank and tape it together.
the little tabs in step 2 are the "track" tape them onto the bottom.

Step 5: Step 5

Now to make the turret.cut a cross shape out and tape all the sides together to make a cube. then glue a straw to the front to be the barell or you could roll together a piece of paper to make a tube and tape it.

Step 6: End

i have made better tanks before , here is a pic of a 1/35 scale german panther tank i made exept it is missing the track (i havnt added it yet)the camoflauge on the tank on the frst page is made of a gauze pad dipped in green food coloring glued to the side of the tank.the other pic has other army related cardboard thing i have made.



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    cool it is cool

    ANYONE WHO WANTS IT: I have made a net cut out of all the parts. If you want them, just ask and I will try to upload them.

    7 replies

    please up load it, it would help me with a project,

    I would really like that thanks! Please upload

    lol 8th....i heavent learned about it yet but I already knew what a polyhedron was , just didnt know it was also called a net and I looked ahead in my book and its there. I clicked the link those things look cool

    Those images aren't what I am making lol. I guess I shall start the 'ible tomorrow or whenever I am less lazy.

    omg i mad one for my history project and i got an A+ on i cause of this help thank you for this! I love cardboard tanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how about a painted bottle cap for the turret? that might look more realistic...

    if you can find a motor for it that world be nice i have one but im rather have an remote controlled one

    crdboard would be better, but i might use thick paper that fits in the printer, not sure what its called.

    1 reply