How to Make a Clarinet Lamp

Introduction: How to Make a Clarinet Lamp

This instructable teaches you to make THE most awesome lamp EVER!

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:

A broken Clarinet (Seriously, please don't use a perfectly functional clarinet, sell it to me instead. I miss my clarinet SO much!!!!) The clarinet I used had a key that broke off.
**A wooden clarinet would probably work best.

Spray Paint
**If you have a plastic clarinet, make sure your spray paint will stick to all surfaces.

Acrylic Paint (A small tube from Wal*mart will work fine.

A small paint brush

A hot glue gun (With glue sticks, of course).

Bottle Lamp Kit (You can find this at a local hardware store.)

A wood base (I got mine for like a dollar at Wal*mart)

A small lamp shade (Again, Wal*Mart)

And, of course, a light bulb. :)

*ALTERNATIVELY, if you have a colorful clarinet (again, already broken!!!!!) You can use that and skip the spray paint and acrylic.)

Step 2: Painting the Clarinet

Put the clarinet together up to the barrel. Do not add the mouth piece.

Stand the clarinet upright on some paper towels and spray paint it evenly all around.

Let the clarinet to dry for as long as the spray paint says. I'd give it an hour, just to be sure your finger prints don't show up in the paint.

Step 3: Painting the Keys

Once your spray paint is try, you want to paint the keys. (Or, you can leave the clarinet just one color. BORING!)

Lay the clarinet flat on its side. Paint the keys carefully. If you paint the sides of the keys, try to tape off underneath them so you do not paint over the body.

Let the painted side dry before you spin the clarinet and paint more keys.

Continue until all your keys are painted.

Step 4: Setting Up the Lamp

Your bottle lamp kit will come with instructions. Follow those instructions to set up your lamp. If you have trouble feeding the cord through the clarinet, use the non-bristle end of a small paintbrush. Stick the brush through the holes and use it to coax the cord down. OR, if your clarinet still comes apart, feed it through piece by piece.

**The top of your lamp might be loose. I super glued mine to the barrel.

Step 5: The Base

Make sure your lamp works. Does it? Good!
The cord will be coming out the bottom of your clarinet. If you are smarter than I am, you can come up with a way to raise the clarinet to make it level. (Maybe "smarter" isn't the right word, maybe richer, so you could afford other materials. I was like, idek how old when I made this, so I had like no money.)

If, however, you do not raise the clarinet any, you can do what I did.
I spray painted part of the cord the same color as my clarinet. I then super clued it to the horn of the clarinet and to the plaque.

For the wooden base (The plaque), I painted it black. I think I used spray paint.

Once the paint was dry, I super glued the clarinet to the base, along with piece of the cord. (I did this so the cord would say BEHIND the clarinet instead of on the side or in front.)

Step 6: Finishing Up

Add a light bulb and a lampshade to your project.
Take lots of pictures, Facebook, instragram, pintrist, tumblr, etc that ****!!!!
You just made the most BA lamp in the world!!!
Plug that thing in, yo, and watch it glow!


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