How to Make a Decorative Lamp




Introduction: How to Make a Decorative Lamp

Design and produce your very own room fixtures that can otherwise cost quite a bit! This instructable details a decorative lamp design and production process. Such a product can be given as a gift or kept and displayed with pride!

Step 1: Choose Your Base Product

This is my first instructable so I hope you like it!

Things you will need:

- 1 x Neat Looking Customizable Product
- False Wheatgrass

Tools you will need:

- 1 x Drill and accompanying drill bits
- 1 x Saw (Handsaw or Jig Saw)
- 4 x Lightbulbs
- 4 x Fitting Lightbulb Sockets
- 2-3 metres of Electrical Wire
- 1 x Adjustable Knob
- 2 x Terminal Connectors (Or electrical tape)
- A small plank of wood
- 1 x Power Plug
- 1 x Screwdriver
- 1 x Epoxy Adhesive

First Step:
To make this lamp easily, but also unique, you will find it helpful to pick an object you like from any thrift shop you can find. This box will be our base product in this case, as it was obtainable for only $8!

Step 2: Choose a Design

You need to choose a design that you like, but in this case, we have gotten inspiration from the Mad Scientist lamp instructable and the Grow Your Own Wheatgrass instructable. The general design in our case is to have four lightbulbs surrounding the central slot, and wheatgrass sticking out of said slot.

Our first step is to mark out the points to drill the holes on the top. We then drill through them with a drill bit that is slightly larger in diameter than the lightbulbs we're using. The holes are cleaned up with sandpaper to give a cleaner finish.

Step 3: Cut the Plank of Wood to the Right Size and Drill Holes

Measure the inner width of the box and cut the bracket to fit inside.

The lightbulb sockets will rest on the supporting bracket, and the wires from this socket extend downwards. Therefore, we will need to drill holes for each socket in the supporting bracket. Once complete, thread the wire into the holes on the supporting bracket, and tie a knot. This will be a cheap way to secure the sockets.

Push the brackets into the box until they are in the right position. Add some epoxy to the adjacent faces to secure it.

Step 4: Drill Through the Switch Panel and Prepare All the Wiring

Drill a hole in the switch panel to enable the electrical wire to thread through.

Prepare all the wiring by stripping the insulating material at the ends that will connect into the connector terminals.

Step 5: Complete the Wiring

The lightbulb sockets need to be wired in parallel. To do this, I recommend you look at the Mad Scientist lamp instructable. To make this easier, you can wire all the neutral wires to a single terminal connector, and the live wires to another terminal connector.

One wire will then connect one of these terminals to a terminal on the switch.

The mains power cable should then be stripped and the live wire connected to the unused end of the terminal connector, and the neutral wire to the unused terminal on the switch.

Step 6: Wire the Plug and Test the Lamp!

Wire the power plug in the correct manner such that there is no danger to yourself or others around.

Test the lamp by plugging the lamp into the mains socket and adjust the adjustable knob switch to obtain the brightness you like.

When it works, you can proceed to cutting your false wheatgrass into the appropriate length. Tape the grass together on the bottom and the sides, and slip it into the slot.

Step 7: Stick the Switch Panel Onto the Back of the Box

Fit the switch panel to the back of the box and epoxy it into place. Allow a few minutes to dry and voila! You have completed your decorative lamp!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    This looks great! If you added some sort of a rechargeable battery, it would make a great center piece for a dinner table, or a coffee table.