How to Make a Doggie Wheelchair




Introduction: How to Make a Doggie Wheelchair

Doggie Wheelchairs cost around $200. You can easily make your own for $25.



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    Thank you for this wonderful and simple method. My little dog has developed disc disintegration, and I've wanted to help him not drag his feet on the ground, as well as help with his balance. I'll make the seat and cross-piece out of fabric (because I can sew and have plenty of suitable fabric around) so that it's cooler and can be washed as needed. Plus my guy wears a harness instead of a collar, so I'll make an adjustment so that the cross-piece hooks onto the harness. But I was going nuts trying to gauge what I needed for the PVC parts and this is really helpful. Thanks again!

    Great video, very well done and explained, wonder if you have ideas on how to modify it for a front leg amputation? I have a 7/8 lb shih tzu that lost his leg and to buy one they charge approx $500, any help/ideas are great appreicated. Thanks. Laura

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    I have seen dogs hop along pretty well with one front leg. I would encourage that first, if possible, rather than not letting the dog use the one good front leg. If that does not work, you would basically make the same chair, but put the dog in backwards. I think that would work.

    You have GOT to show that guy using the wheelchair. Making that had to be a labor of love. GREAT JOB

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    Actually, it was a labor of disgust with some guy that is charging $17 for doggie wheelchair plans :). I have had a few people ask me to make this video. I had the spare parts laying around in my shop, so why not The only thing I am missing is a handicapped dog. Cody just posed for the picture. He walks fine on all four.