How to Make a Film With Pictures Using Windows Movie Maker

Introduction: How to Make a Film With Pictures Using Windows Movie Maker

In every Microsoft Windows there is a FREE program installed called " Windows Movie Maker ". To find this program, go to " START ". In the search for programs and files box; TYPE , Windows movie maker. The results will be found in the search. Click on Windows movie maker in the results.

You can also copy and paste to desktop ( optional ).

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Step 1: Get You Photographs From Computer, Camera or Mobile Phone

Once Windows Movie maker is open, you can now get started with inserting pictures. Go to the folder you keep all of your photographs. You can also download photographs from your Digital camera and mobile cell phone, using a USB cable, or if you have the facility, an SD micro card.

Step 2: Photographs for Your Film Project

Now select your photographs

Step 3: Keep Dragging and Dropping Pictures

Drag and drop pictures into your film project. You can even drag and drop supported movie files into your project.

Step 4: Other Versions of Windows Movie Maker

With other versions of Windows Movie Maker, the instructions are the same.

Step 5: How It Is All Put Together

After doing part of your editing, you now need to get the supplies you need . You will need to buy blank DVD's from any shop, enough to cover mistakes or problems burning the Film to DVD.

Other editing software can be obtained or if you are having problems creating your film during these instructions you can find your FAQ at :

We will help you to get your project off the ground. Once you learn how to make your film, you will be able to make films for your friends and family

Step 6: Now You Can Start Adding Music, Transitions, Tites and Credits.

You can now add music, credits, transitions and tites to your film from the menu at the top of Microsoft movie maker. Another optional item is I purchased a printer that will print directly onto blank sided DVD's that has no company make Logo on them. The printer had printed the DVD's within seconds. The printer with its own special software will also print DVD inserts from your photographs.

This will enable you to personalise each DVD to any of your friends and family. If you are still having difficulties of making your picture Film DVD with music, titles and credits, we will help you,

Example of a film with just one picture with music added:

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