How to Make a Hot Bikini Out of Old T-Shirts




Introduction: How to Make a Hot Bikini Out of Old T-Shirts

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Hey gals,

When summer time comes around , I think one of the worst things is finding a cute bathing suit that fits right. And when you do find one, its expensive! Well here's a way you can make your own bathing suit from t-shirts...that way you can customize it to fit and make it your own.

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Step 1: The Supplies

First, you need 1 extra large T-shirt..but if you like the mismatched look decide on two different colored shirts.

Step 2: The Strips

Cut the bottom hem off both shirts and take the top shirt and cut 2 one inch wide strips off the bottom, making sure to cut through both layers of fabric. Then take those 2 strips and cut both of them in half twice so you end up with 4 equal strips. (we'll call them strips 1,2,3, and 4)

Step 3: The Bottom Strips

Take your bottom shirt and cut 2 one inch wide strips of the bottom. Cut one of the strips in half once, so you have one long strip (call it strip 5). and Cut the other in half twice, so you have two equals strips (strips 6,7). (You should have a total of seven strips.)

Step 4: Creating the Bathing Suit Top

Ok, now take your top shirt and cut 9 inches of the bottom, making sure to cut through both layers of fabric. Pin both of the layers together and from now on consider it one piece of fabric.
as Megan put it in her book "to prevent the wet t-shirt contest look"

Step 5: The Triangle Top

Sketch a triangle that measures 10 inches across the bottom and 8 inches down both sides. If you want, make a paper pattern first....we just freehanded it. Now create an arched bottom to the triangle. the lowest point should fall one inch below the bottom of the triangle. Then turn your fabric in a half circle, and sketch another triangle of the same dimensions. Pin the triangles and cut them out.

Step 6: The Triangle Top

Flip one of the triangles over and fold the top corner down one inch. Carefully, pin the arched bottom up one inch. Sew a seam but be careful to leave an open "tunnel" so you can thread your strip through later. btw, does anyone know the technical term for that...or is it just tunneling?
Repeat all those steps to the second triangle.

Step 7: Finishing the Top

Now take strip 5 and attach the end to a safety pin. Use the safety pin to help you thread strip 5 through the tunnels of your triangles. And you are done with the top! WOOHOO!

Step 8: Creating the Bottom

Take your bottom shirt and cut a rectangle that measures 19 inches by 16 inches. Pin both layers of the rectangle together. Then sketch an hour glass shape onto the fabric. Make a paper pattern first for preciseness. You want the narrowest part of the hourglass to measure 4 inches across and fall 11 inches for the top of the rectangle.

Step 9: The Bottom

Fold in all 4 corners of the hourglass. Stretch and place strips 1,2,3, and 4 over the separate for corners. Fold and pin the front of the bathing suit in one inch, making sure to over lap the strips. Then fold and pin the opposite (back) part of the bathing suit in one inch, again making sure to over lap the strips.

Step 10: Finishing the Bottom

Sew the front and back seams. Make several small slits in the curved area of the hourglass. This will help the fabric give easier when you are folding in the edge.

Lastly, fold and pin the two sides of the hourglass in 1 inch and sew a seam down both sides.

You've just made yourself a bathing suit!

New bathing, very little cash!



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53 Discussions

I made the Bikini but when I went down to our local river to swim the fabric became transparent and you could see my nipples any suggestions?

1 reply

Sew a liner to the underside of the bikini, or next time use a darker fabric that stays opaque when wet.

Remember to line a white one with interfacing, if you use the iron on the material will not stretch so I would suggest the regular and tack it to the back side so it does not move, or, use more layers of t-shirt material. More layers, less see through.

Made bikini with white cloth. When went to sea the bikni became transparent. What should i do. Cups were not there so it was falling down but i dint care so much as my freinds were only with me. What should i do on honeymoon to prevent these cups problem?

I made it.when had sex it torn. Both bra and pant (bikni) teared out what can i do next time.

I tried this with a no-sew twist and found that the bikini top did not fit me. I would suggest for more voluptuous women (cups C and above) you'll want to add at least an inch/cup size. Example C cup= 11+ inch triangles, D cup= 12+ inch triangles. Other than that, I loved it!

1 reply

I'm planning on making one of these for my girlfriend for a holiday we've been planning but last time she was measured she was a G cup. Does this mean i would need 15/16" across 8" down triangles? That seems very disproportionate...

Also would fabric marker wash off in chlorine/saltwater? I'd prefer not to re-apply the detail every time she wanted to go swimming....

i think this is a great idea but im afraid if i try to make it my chest my be too big...any suggestions or help?

5 replies

I'm sorry but that made me burst out in laughter. How about trying to get a bigger shirt? Then you got more fabric to work with to uhh get the job done?

glad i made u smile cry_wolf....but I'm new to this found the site and thought it was dont have to be rude about it....ive never made my own clothes before but this really interested me...i guess i needed just a little more help as of...i didn't know where to start...give me a break geez

Oh sorry sorry, i didnt mean to be rude in any way! I just thought the wording you used was funny. I'm glad you're using this site, and im glad you're trying to make this instructable. I hope i didnt offend you, i was actually serious about the getting a bigger shirt, because then it'll multiply the amount of fabric. I'm sorry :D And just if you wanted to know im not some 40 year old creep or anything, just 15. :]

i guess i wasnt sure how to phrase it...and didnt see all the other comments...otherwise i might be a bit embarressed by my question...but i do believe you and thank you for the help. :-)

If I am understanding you correctly IvyTeckGirl you think your chest or rather bust may be too big for this pattern. My Girlfriend and her soon to be 17 year old daughter both have larger breasts for their size, which I guess you are trying to say. Both are D cups. you can simply adjust this pattern to your size a few different ways.

For side to side (width):
1 - Measure yourself with a measuring tape. Side to side either from the inside of one of your breasts to the outside of it across the fullest part or just below your nipple. or from the outside in where the everything meets.


2 - find one of your most comfortable bra's and measure just the cup area across the same way as I said before.

For top to bottom (height):
measure from the underside of your breast straight up over the middle/nipple and to where your upper chest and breast become smooth/level with one another.

For example my Girlfriend and her daughter are the same exact size in the bust area. the total height of their chosen measurement is 7 and 1/2 inches or 19cm and the measurement from side to side is 9 inches or roughly 23cm

you can modify things to fit you how you want which is the beauty of making your own clothing. We are all members of the Society for Creative Anachronism which does a lot of the medieval recreation of clothing so we got lots of measurements and some fun times making garb.

While I like the basics of this project and am saving it as a spring board for my own projects, I hope no one goes swimming in that bikini without lining it first.

6 replies

look inside a swimsuit you already own and you'll usually see a flesh colored lining fabric.i did a quick search and i couldnt find any for sale, but that's probably because it's january. you can always go to a fabric store and ask the staff. if you dont want to use that, then you can always use a darker colored fabric in between the lighter layers. that might make the outer fabric appear darker, however. also, stretchy fabric is always better for garments that are intended to get wet because it holds it's shape, and it moves with your body unlike cotton, which absorbs the water and sags and clings to every single nook and cranny of your body, if you catch my drift.