How to Make a Hotdog USB

Introduction: How to Make a Hotdog USB

This instructable will show you how to make a hotdog USB. Materials:
Red Clay
Brown Clay
Yellow Clay
Light Green Clay
Dark Green Clay

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Step 1: Making the Roll

Take some brown or tan clay and make brick shape. Than flatten out the middle so it looks like a hotdog roll.

Step 2: Making the Wiener

Take some redish clay and roll it into a a thin cylinder.

Step 3: Putting the Wiener in the Roll

Take the wiener and carefully place it into the roll. Than close the sides of the roll so it it covers part of the wiener.

Step 4: Condiments!!-Ketchup

Take some red clay and make a very thin line and curve it so it looks like ketchup.

Step 5: Condiments!!-Mustard

Do the same thing you did for the ketchup. Take some yellow clay and make a very thin line and curve it so it looks like msutard.

Step 6: Condiments!!-Relish

Take some assorted green clay and make tiny squares. Spread them among the wiener.

Step 7: Inserting the USB

Take the USB and place it under the roll or put it in the roll. But make sure only the silver part is showing.

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