Mini Alcohol Stove


Introduction: Mini Alcohol Stove

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Step 1: Materials

2 pop cans Sharp blade Cotton balls Book to hold blade (it's not my book) Scissors Drill with a 7/32 and 1/16 bit. Or a push tack Ruler Bottle of HEET

Step 2: Score the Cans

Measure 1 1/2 inches on the book and place your blade there. Then score both cans.

Step 3: Separate the Bottoms

Cut the top of the cans off and then cut down to the line that you scored. If you scored the can properly, it should peel off perfectly.

Step 4: Assemble the Pieces

Use the nicer piece for the top and set it aside. Use the other piece and place a few cotton balls into it. This will be your bottom. Use the other piece you put aside and cut a mid-sized rectangle into it. Then place the top inside the bottom and push down. If there is a lip then sand it down.

Step 5: Create the Fill Holes and the Jet Holes

Use the 7/32 bit and drill the center if the top part. If you are using a tack, then make 4-5 holes in the middle. Now use the 1/16 bit or tack and make 16 evenly spaced holes around the can.

Step 6: Sand Off Paint

Use fine sand paper and sand off the paint.

Step 7: Filling and Igniting

Pour about 1 1/2 ounces of HEET Into the fill hole and then cover it up with a coin. Then you need to prime it. Heat it up for a bit. So find a tray and place the stove into the tray. Then pour some HEET around the tray and light it. Also you can't see the flames in day light so I suggest testing it out at night. Be safe and don't burn your house down. Also 1 1/2 ounces will last you 15 minutes. This stove will boil 2cups of water in about 6-8 minutes



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    6 Discussions

    Never had chance till now but I've made quite a few of these little stoves. I'm now planning on using a few as the 'burner' part of a heater for the shed. I'm also experimenting on the best number and size of holes.

    Great little ibble and straight to the point.

    No it's not really expensive. It's 3 dollars for a 1 liter bottle.

    Heet is an overly expensive isopropyl alcohol, read the active ingredient on the bottle it'll say there.

    And I already put a quarter in there. You can't really see it though

    I know I tried that but it wasn't working. I just hold it over an open flame for a bit and that works fine. Cause you have to wait till you hear a boilin sound and when you hear that just ignore the jets then it keeps the jet pressure

    You can put a penny over the fill hole, put some HEET into that area, an light it to warm it up. It will auto ignite the outside burners when it warms up