How to Make a Smart Fridge

Introduction: How to Make a Smart Fridge

This is a school project that we made to help people know when they need to buy food. It is a small wooden shelf that you put on top of your refrigerator shelf. When food is low, an LED lights up, letting you know. It is cheap and easy to make. and fun!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1.) One LED (any color) if you can't find any go to this instructable

2.) Thin plywood cut to a square that will fit in your fridge

3.) a battery holer/pack (just one battery will work, but wear out quickly)\

4.) One micro switch. It is a button that can be wired into a circuit

5.) Copper electrical wire and electrical tape (a solder would be better)

6.) wire clippers

7.) large springs

Step 2: Making the Circuit

There isn't much instruction that you will need for this step. Simply take the elecrtical wire to connect the battery pack first to one of wires sticking out of the micro switch. Have another wire connected from the other wire in the micro switch to one end of the LED. Next take your last wire and connect it from the battery pack to the LED. If the circuit dosnt work right away, flip around the LED and try again.

Step 3: Hot Glue

hot glue the circuit to the board

Step 4: Springs

glue the spring these are the ones that are going to keep the boards up

Step 5: Boards

Put the top final board on the springs hot glue them

Step 6: Thanks


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