How to Make a Steady Stand for a Digital Camera

Introduction: How to Make a Steady Stand for a Digital Camera

The parts you'll need:
1. 3/4" PVC pipe. (I made mine 5 feet long, but the height is subjective to you.)
2. A 3/4" coupler.
3. A cork that fits tight.
4. A dowel screw. (My camera is tapped to 1/4-20 bolt thread, though both metric and standard were available at the ACE Hardware I went to.)
5. A pair of pliers.

The assembly:
Step 1: Twist the dowel screw into the cork until the bolt thread is just touching the cork. Use the pliers to hold onto the screw and give you leverage to screw it in. It will also save your fingers from unnecessary cuts and pinching. (Cork is a very soft material so be gentle when you screw it in so as not to split the cork in half.)

Step 2: Push the screwed cork into the coupler. (I pushed it all the way down so the top was flush, so as to leave a smaller gap between the camera and the coupler for stability.)

Step 3: Push the coupler onto the end of the PVC pipe. (It will tighten up nicely without bottoming out on the cork, and the result will be a very snug fit.

Step 4: Screw the camera onto the dowel screw and take a picture!

Congratulations! You're now ready to take very steady pictures!

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