How to Make a Video for Your Toddler




Introduction: How to Make a Video for Your Toddler

Toddlers love to watch videos over and over again. My grandson is about 18 months old, and he loves vacuums, so i made him a video about them. I simply modified a kids song, to be about vacuums and recorded my voice singing it. I made a set of power point slides to go with the song and combined them in Windows movie maker.

Here is the result:

I usually make video instructables. This one is uses exactly the same steps as my Tribute Video instructable, so I am just giving a quick summary of the steps, below. Please watch this "How To Make a Video Tribute" video for a better detailed description.

Step 1: Create Slides in Power Point

Create roughly one slide for every 2 seconds of your song.

Step 2: Save As PNGs

Save out all your slides as PNG files

Step 3: Combine You Slides and Song in Movie Maker

Drop all your PNG files is movie maker, and bring in your song with the add music button.

Step 4: Set the Duration for Each Slide in the Video

Set how long each slide will display in the song, before moving on to the next slide.

Step 5: Save Your Movie

Save your movie with the "recommended for this project" option, and you are done.

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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Hello! I just accidentally discovered the "Parenting" section of Instructables and the vacuum video. I am now a fan!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great guide! I love that the video is all about vacuum love. Kids are so funny!

    My youngest would watch a looped video showing the garbage truck coming and picking up our trash for HOURS if I made him one... hmm.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Gary the big ole garbage truck
    Hand a very peculiar smell.

    And if you ever wiffed it,
    you would not like it well

    All of the other big trucks
    Used to laugh and call him names

    They never let poor Gary
    Play in any big truck games

    Then one messy Christmas eve
    Santa came to say

    Gary with your special skills
    Please help me clean these piles and spills.




    Lou, your singing skills are weak. Even so I could not turn my eyes away from the vacuum video. It was hypnotizing. Lol. The vollyball...By the way I love your videos. I made a website after seeing the google site one. I have windows 8. I didn't even realize I had the movie maker program but I searched for it and there it was. Thanks!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    True that!! I suck at singing :). I made this video before Christmas, and it's the first thing he wants to see every time he comes to my house. i uploaded it as unlisted, and had not intended to make it public, but it was too hard to find on my cell phone, so I finally gave up and published it :-). Maybe there will be some other vacuum aficionados out there :-)