How to Make a Wayfinder Keychain




Introduction: How to Make a Wayfinder Keychain

Inspired from Kingdom hearts, this is a wayfinder keychain made out of nickles. If you have the resources, it may only cost you 25 cents! This would be very nice to carry around, and a great gift too. After playing the game a long time ago, most of the key items used were great icons for pictures and jewelry. The wayfinder was a difficult item people wanted to carry around with them, and I personally wanted something like it to have around. Being inspired from all the jewelry Instructables, this is my attempt on creating a wayfinder.

For the background story of the wayfinder:

I wanted to create a better finish using polish and better sandpaper, but I didn't have the money. Just wanted to say it to make it clear. Besides that, continue!


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Step 1: Supplies

-Hand drill (w/ 1/16 drill bit)
-Sander (coarse to fine grain sandpaper)
-Anvil (In this case, I used a bench press clamp)
-Hammer (flathead recommended)
-center punch
-Metal shears
-Needle-nose pliers

-5 nickles
-metal paperclip
-chain (can vary by design)

Step 2: Hammer Flat the Nickles

On your anvil, hammer each coin until you remove the facing from the coins. Make sure you make even hits as you hammer. Flatten the coins as much as you can to make the next steps easier.

Step 3: Trace Out the Design

With a pencil draw out a diamond  onto each coin. To create more uniform designs, creating a small template to trace on can help.

Step 4: Cut Out the Shards

Use metal shears to cut out the design in the coins. Use needle-nose pliers to hold the coins while cutting. Cut out the shard as a diamond. Make the cuts as close to the design drawn on the coins.

Step 5: Hammer Flat the Shards

After cutting out the shards hammer them flat on the anvil. This will make them larger and easier to handle in the next steps.

Step 6: Drill Some Holes

Towards the bottom of each shard, drill two 1/16 in. holes. On one shard, drill one more hole on the opposite end. This hole will be used for the chain later. When drilling the holes, drill on a scrape piece of wood and hold the shards using pliers.

Step 7: Sand Down the Shards

With your sander, sand the surfaces and sides of the shards from coarse to fine grain sandpaper for better quality in finish. When sanding the surfaces, sand on another piece of sandpaper. For the sides, hold the shards using pliers. This will also give you a chance to adjust the shape of the shards. Wear a mask to prevent breathing the particles.

Step 8: Link Together the Shards

Using pliers, bend the paperclip into several small chain links. If you can't bend the paperclip efficiently, try using a second pair of pliers. Create a small ringlet for the chain. Link together the shards with the chain links, and link the chain with the ringlet onto the shard with an extra hole.

Step 9: Optional Methods

This step was not done, but could have been to create a more better wayfinder. If you have some polish, apply it to the shards after you sand them. For a symbol in the center, it's possible to solder it from the back or link it with some wire from the paperclip. I originally intended to do these, but couldn't from lack of money.

Step 10: Finished!

Now that you're finished, carry it with you or give it to a friend. Symbolizing an unbreakable bond, this represent the connection between friends. Carrying it around will ensure you bond between each other will never fade. Although it lacks the design, I find its significance no different. I hope you chose to make this if you haven't already.

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    Nice. I see you got some of those keys. I got a bunch in the mail from some kinda car dealer.