How to Make a Weighted Companion Cube Jack-O-Lantern

Introduction: How to Make a Weighted Companion Cube Jack-O-Lantern

If you're anything like me (*cough* TOTAL NERD ALL YEAR 'ROUND *cough*), than you may have seen the Weighted Companion Cube  Jack-O-Lantern floating around the Internet. Well, I made one, and now YOU CAN TOO! That'll attract fellow nerds to your house!

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Step 1: What You'll Need

A Pumpkin
This Template I Made Using InkScape
The Pointy Thing in Jack-O-Lantern Kits (Or A Small Knitting Needle)
The Small and Large Saws in Jack-O-Lantern Kits
A Pumkin Scoop (Or Large Spoon)
A Large Bowl (For Guts)
A Candle (Tea-Light or Electronic)

Step 2: Open and Gut

Cut a hole in the top of your pumpkin with the large knife or a kitchen one. Make sure it's big enough for you to work in, but not too big. Also, Cut it at a slant so the top won't fall in later.

Next, scrape the sides, bottom, and top of the pumpkin clean of guts. don't be afraid of scraping it too thin, just keep it sorta even and make it totally clean. Put all the extra stuff in a bowl for roasting seeds or making pumpkin pie!

Next, chose the side you want to carve and scrape it  to about 1/2 an inch thick. DO NOT SCRAPE IT TOO THIN! If in doubt, don't make it thinner! Just make it ABOUT 1/2 an inch or more, NOT LESS!

Step 3: "Trace" the Template

Print out (full-page) this template and tape it to your pumpkin. Poke holes, using the pointy thing or knitting needle, along the lines between white and black. Be careful near the corners, as they tend too rotate. Just pull any outer edges out from the center while pocking holes and you should be fine.

Also keep in mind that the black will be cut out, so don't make/cut the skinny white lines near the hearts too thin, or it will fall apart (or stab you {or both!}).

Step 4: Stab It Before It Stabs You!

Take off the template and CAREFULLY cut out all but the four parts that make up the hearts, allong the dots, with the large saw. Than Very, VERY CAREFULLY cut out the four heart pieces with the small saw. Go slow, or it'll break.

Step 5: The Pumpkin Pie Is a Lie

Yay! The Aperture Science Hallowed Companion Fruit is finally finished! Now put a candle in it to incinerate it!

Step 6: Aftermath

What to do with your leftovers? Stereotypical things like making pumpkin pie, roasting seeds, and throwing away, wasting, those perfectly good chunks-o-hard-pumpkin-flesh? WRONG! How about soaking those chunks-o-hard-pumpkin-flesh in gasoline, lighting then on fire, and throwing them at trick-or-treaters? Or maybe chilling those guts and putting them in your friends pillow (or pants)? Or maybe taking billions of pumpkin seeds, sharpening them, making a gun that shoots them, and taking over the universe! Yes, the possibilities are simply endless...

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