How to Make an Algae Test Photo Bioreactor...Part Three



Introduction: How to Make an Algae Test Photo Bioreactor...Part Three

Bio Light Array Assembly

This multipart instructable gives a step-by-step instructions on making an algae test photo bioreactor. This can be used in any application that calls for testing and/or growing algae, to determine maximum growth rates, best nutrients, etc., such as...

Making algae biodiesel,
Animal feed,
Organic fertilizer,
Health food supplements and many more.

Because this is more involved than can be explained clearly in a single instructable, I'll have to include multiple parts.

You can download a complete free eBook here:

It includes a complete parts list, color diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and full color photos.

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Step 1: Bio Light Assembly...1

Materials needed:

Left over 2x4 stud
(2) steels braces
(2) Aquarium Grow lights
Wood screws and washers

Tools Needed:

Power drill
Miter saw
Carpenters Square

Step 2: Bio Light Assembly...2

1.) Unscrew the top castle from the last assembly.

2.) Cut the remaining length of 2x4 at 27 5/16th. inches

(Never mind the photo...I screwed it up the first time...Yeah, I know, measure twice, cut once :+)

Use the miter saw and get a straight, square, cut.

Step 3: Bio Light Assembly...3

Center the 2x4 on the plant caddy.

You have already made quarters pieces and a center dot, so this is easy.

Step 4: Bio Light Assembly...4

Put your steel braces against each side and make a dot where the holes will be and pre-drill.

Step 5: Bio Light Assembly...5

Mark also the bottom holes as well.

Step 6: Bio Light Assembly...6

Pre-drill holes in the plant caddy.

Step 7: Bio Light Assembly...7

Attach the steel braces to the plant caddy and screw down.

Step 8: Bio Light Assembly...8

Pre-drill the holes in the 2x4.

Step 9: Bio Light Assembly...9

Dry fit the 2x4 into the braces.

DO NOT screw the 2x4 in place.

Check to make sure height is correct.

Step 10: Bio Light Assembly...10

Take the 2x4 out of the braces and lay it on your work bench.

Get the Aquarium Grow light and lay the back side against the 2x4 .

Mark where the holes on the back of the light will go.

Make sure both switches are at the top.

Step 11: Bio Light Assembly...11

Mark the holes, and fit with screws. Do both sides of the 2x4.

Fit both lights to the 2x4

Step 12: Bio Light Assembly...12

Dry fit the light array into the plant caddy. It should fit snug and tight.

Step 13: Bio Light Assembly...13

If all looks good, take the lights off, and screw the 2x4 into the plant caddy.

Step 14: Bio Light Assembly...14

Replace the top castle and make sure there is a tight fit.

Mark where the cord plug receptacles are, and drill 1 inch holes on each side of the center hole to accommodate the power cords.

Use a jigsaw to even out the cuts.

Step 15: Bio Light Assembly...15

Pre-drill two holes to either side of the large hole on the centerline to secure the 2x4

Set the top castle in place and screw down.

Line up Aquarium lights, and screw down top castle assembly.

Step 16: Bio Light Assembly...16

Hook up power cords to top of castle, switch on lights, and dry test to make sure all work correctly.

You have finished the Bio Light Array.

Step 17:

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