How to Make an Algae Test Photo Bioreactor...Part Five




Bio Cell Fabrication

This multipart instrucable gives a step-by-step instructions on making an algae test photo bioreactor. This can be used in any application that calls for testing and/or growing algae, to determine maximum growth rates, best nutrients, etc., such as...

Making algae biodiesel,
Animal feed,
Organic fertilizer,
Health food supplements and many more.

Because this is more involved than can be explained clearly in a single instructable, I'll have to include multiple parts.

You can download a complete free eBook here:

It includes a complete parts list, color diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and full color photos.

Step 1: Bio Cell Assembly...Part 1

Materials needed:

Cap Assembly (from last instrucable...Part 4)
(10) T-12 protector tubes

Tools Needed:

Miter saw

Step 2: Bio Cell Assembly...Part 2

Measure and cut your T-12 tube protectors at 25" inches. Cut all ten.

Step 3: Bio Cell Assembly...Part 3

With the 3M Marine adhesive, add a bead of adhesive around the of the cut tube.

Step 4: Bio Cell Assembly...Part 4

Locate the 10 cap assemblies you fabricated earlier. Fit the tube into the cap assembly and push to the bottom snugly.

Step 5: Bio Cell Assembly...Part 5

Fit bio cells into the bottom of the base, by sliding the cell into the top first, then down into the base so that the hose barbs exit through the cuts in the coupler made previously.

Step 6: Bio Cell Assembly...Part 6

Fit bio cells into top castle

Continue until all ten bio cells are in place.

Step 7: Bio Cell Assembly...Part 7

You have completed the bio cell assembly.

Step 8:



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    9 years ago on Step 7

    Well actually no, I haven't. This particular picture is for the BIO CELL assembly. I suggest you download the's free. All is explained and illustrated.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 7

    hit the reply button otherwise he won't see your comment. The pdf isn't for everyone... He is a pro-member and so am I so we can download the pdf. Regular users as yourself can only download the pdf's of the ibles you yourself made. Not from others....


    9 years ago on Step 7

    You have neglected the top units and their fabrication.