How to Make an Algae Test Photo Bioreactor...Part Two



Introduction: How to Make an Algae Test Photo Bioreactor...Part Two

Building the Upright and Castle

This gives a step-by-step instructions on making an algae test photo bioreactor. This can be used in any application that calls for testing and/or growing algae, to determine maximum growth rates, best nutrients, etc., such as...

Making algae biodiesel,
Animal feed,
Organic fertilizer,
Health food supplements and many more.

Because this is more involved than can be explained clearly in a single instructable, I'll have to include multiple parts.

You can download a complete free eBook here:

It includes a complete parts list, color diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and full color photos.

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Step 1: Materials

Materials needed:

(1) 2"x4"x 8' stud
(10) 1.5"PVC "repair" couplers
(1) 28" x 48" x plexiglass
(2) 2"x4" steel brackets
Aquarium and/or marine silicone
Wood screws and washers

Tools Needed:

Power drill (or drill press)
2" inch hole drill
1.5" inch drill bit
Carpenter's square
Plumb bob
Jig saw
Straight edge

Step 2: Upright and Castle Assembly 2

Cut the 2"x4"at 27" inches. Use a miter saw for this as you need a square cut.

Step 3: Upright and Castle Assembly 3

Place the plant caddy on your work bench. Place the cut 2"x4"'s inside the metal connectors and screw together with wood screws.

Step 4: Upright and Castle Assembly 4

The unit should now look like this:

Step 5: Upright and Castle Assembly 5

Measure and cut the second piece of plexiglass to 18" inches square. Cut plexiglass along marked edge.

Step 6: Upright and Castle Assembly 6

Place the plexiglass on top of 2"x4"s making sure the posts are squarely up and down.

With a plumb bob, find the center of the cell receivers on the caddy below. Place on a dot on the plexiglass for the center of each cell.

Step 7: Upright and Castle Assembly 7

Place the 1.5inch PVC coupler on top of the plexiglass with the dot in the center and outline the outside of each coupler.

Step 8: Upright and Castle Assembly 8

Place the plexiglas on the drill press and CAREFULLY drill out each marked hole with an 1 3/4" inch drill bit.

Step 9: Upright and Castle Assembly 9

Measure 9 from the edge and mark another across the middle. This should give you the exact center. With the 2" inch drill bit, drill a hole in the exact center of the plexiglass.

Clean the burrs off with a rounded file.

Step 10: Upright and Castle Assembly 10

Turn the plexiglass upside down on the work bench and using the PVC Cement, place a bead of glue around the edge of the 1.5" couplers and mount on the plexiglass.

Repeat for all 10 holes. Allow the Cement to dry for a couple of hours.

Step 11: Upright and Castle Assembly 11

Flip the plexiglass over so that the couplers are facing down. Mark 3 evenly spaced dots on the plexiglass, directly where the 2"x4" is centered. Drill pilot holes in the plexiglass, the secure to the 2"x4"s.

Step 12: Upright and Castle Assembly 12

The completed castle and uprights should look like this:

Step 13:

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