How to Makes an Transparent Calculator


Introduction: How to Makes an Transparent Calculator

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This Is My First Transparent Calculator And This Calculator Is Touchcreen and This Calculator works Only By Touch And Does Not Required Any Buttons To work And Its Motherboard Is Transparent And which Made Up Of Glass And Its Glass Is Very High capacitive And Normally ,This Calculator Does Not Have Any Batteries And Its Work By Solar Power And Whenever Its Get A Small Percentage Of Light ,Then Its start Of Its Own And Does Not Need Any Button And Till The Calculator Get Light ,Its Remain On And It Never Turn Off And Can be StandBy Forever< (NOTE)=If Only ,Its Get Light Only> And Its Has Many Technical Features And This Is Mostly The First Transparent Calculator Which Has Been Built In Mauritius , So Enjoy it ! And Please For More Information Please Contact Me On Facebook (Yovin Yov)



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