How to Manually Configure IP Address on Mac

Introduction: How to Manually Configure IP Address on Mac

An IP(Internet Protocol) address serves as your computer's identification. It may sometimes be necessary to know what your IP address is and how to change it for reasons such as troubleshooting, networking and file-sharing.

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Step 1: System Preferences

Open System Preferences by:
a) going to the Apple Menu (on the upper left hand corner of the screen) and selecting System Preferences; or
b) clicking on the System Preferences icon on the Dock.

Step 2: Network

Click the Network icon.

Step 3: Active Network Connection

On the left hand side of the window is a list of connections. Select the active connection (i.e. the one with a green dot). If your security settings are set to require password to unlock each system preferences pane, click on the padlock icon on the lower left hand side of the window. This will prompt you to enter your password.

If you have successfully entered your password, the padlock icon will unlock.

NOTE : You do not have to "unlock" if you are only to view your IP address and not edit it.

Step 4: Advanced Options

Click on the Advanced button. It is found on the lower right hand side of the window.

Step 5: IP Address

Click on the TCP/IP tab. The numbers labeled IPv4 Address is your IP address.

Step 6: Configure IP Adress

Click the drop-down menu labeled "Configure IPv4." Select "Manually."

The values for IPv4 Address, Subnet Mask and Router will be editable. Enter your desired values for the IP address and click the OK button when you are done.

Step 7: Apply/Revert

Click on the Apply button to save your configuration.

If you wish to reset the values you've edited, click the Revert button.

Click the padlock icon to protect your settings.

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