How to Move Your Pillow So Your Dog Can Sit on It




Introduction: How to Move Your Pillow So Your Dog Can Sit on It

About: Yo! Its ya boy CuzPugz! I did not choose the pug life, the pug life chose me.

In this instructable i will show you how to make a comfy pillow for your dog-CuzPugz

Step 1: Removing

Make sure to swipe off the dirty stuff from your pillow, or let your dog do it.

Step 2: Punching

Punch that thing! Or let your dog do it...

Step 3: Done!

Quickly let your dog step on the place you just punched and let him sit there. Now move on with your life...



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    6 Discussions

    @LunaEros Haters gonna hate, Pugz gonna Pug B)

    This is NOT an instructable!

    Anyone who can't figure out how to adjust a pillow for their dog shouldn't be on the internet, much less here on Instructables.

    @nsavaria then let your dog sit on your beard-CuzPugz

    I think my problem is that my beard catches all my debris.

    @nsavaria there could be cookie crumbs or something like that on your pillow

    Whys is there "dirty stuff" on your pillow?