How to Name Your Lizard





Introduction: How to Name Your Lizard

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In this tutorial I will give you a simple strategy to naming your brand new reptile friend

Step 1: Type

First your lizards name will depend on its type. Not always because I have a bearded dragon and her name is pancake because she always flattenes out her tummy when she is basking
So first figure out what type of lizard you have.

Step 2: The Decision

You can either base your lizards name on a cool or funny quality they have or base it among their species

Step 3:

Step 4: Remember

Remember to feed and play with your lizard



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    9 Discussions

    Come on, does this even NEED a tutorial?

    I named my dragon oliver because his head looks like a arrow head. (oliver queen aka Green Arrow)

    I love the name pancake. My little beardie is called Rango! he's on my instructables

    Thank you Danger is my middle name

    The guy in the first picture is a girl


    4 years ago

    Or do what sounds coolest