How To: Ollie

By the end of this intractable, you will be able to execute an Ollie – or at least have a better grasp of the concept. The Ollie is the most fundamental tricks in the skateboarding world. It serves as the basis to just about every trick.

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Step 1: What You’ll Need:

A Skateboard 
Skate Shoes

Step 2: Stand On...

Stand on the skateboard. Good footing will ensure a secure ride.

Step 3: Adjust Your...

Adjust your feet with your front foot  near the middle of the board and your back foot on the tail of the board.

Step 4: Bend Your...

Bend your knees and crouch down.This also goes back to the point that good footing will ensure a secure ride.

Step 5: Jump Into the Air...

Jump into the air, first with yourfront foot, and after with your back foot

Step 6: Jump Up...

Jump up, and kick down the back of your board at the same time

Step 7: Slide Your...

Slide your front foot as soon as you start jumping.

Step 8: Pull Your...

Pull your knees toward you chest.

Step 9: Level Out...

Level out with both feet when your front foot has slid all the way up keeping pressure on the board as it begins to fall down

Step 10: Try To...

Try to land both feet at the same time, preferable with your feet as close to their respective bolts (above where the trucks are) as possible

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