How to Ollie

One of the first tricks to learn when skateboarding is a Ollie. A Ollie is a trick in which the skateboarder jumps in the air with the skateboard stick to the feet.And if your new to skateboarding then you might want to where some padding.and don't practice on grass because it's to tall and bushy for the skateboard And remember practicing bad habits is bad.And if you liked this tutorial please follow and like and vote thanks and enjoy.

Step 1: Foot Placement

A good place to start off is to place the foot that you put on the front of the board.Right under the 2 bolts that are behind 2 other bolts.And the back foot you would put anywhere on the tail of the board.

Step 2: The Pop

When you have the right foot placement and your ready go on and push down on the tail but not to hard and it might be better if you practice just popping up and down with the board.when your comfortable with the popping then you can move on.

Step 3: The Slide

The slide is why most people can do a Ollie.when you slide your front foot slides up the board which levels out the board in the air.And your going to need to do the pop and the slide at the same time so that it gets in the air and levels want to practice sliding and popping A little before you can move on.

Step 4: The Ollie

Now when you have mastered the steps above you can now do a Ollie.your going to want to pop and slide at the same time and stay balenced when you land so you going to want to bend down when the board hits the floor.

Step 5: Recap

Remember to get the proper foot placement get ready to pop and slide all together and be ready to bend down when you land.And remember practice makes perfect.



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    4 years ago

    How do I post a vid


    4 years ago on Introduction

    dude y don't you do the Ollie your self people will under stand better