How to Organize Your Loom Set?

About: An intermediate loomer and future artist in cards :) Do tutorials of both.

This is a tutorial to tell how do we organize a loom set.

Last tutorial: (How to use the mini-loom? )

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Step 1: Get Every Instrument Out.

Get every instrument like, rainbow loom, monster tail, hooks, mini-looms, clips out.

Step 2: Now the Bands.

Remove the bands from the box.

I am going to mix black and white.

I will keep the bands with different characteristics like stretchy ones in a

Step 3: And, the Extras.

Extras like incomplete creations, beads and chains.

Step 4: EMPTY!

You may wash the box too!

Step 5: Fill in the Compartments.

I will keep the shades of the same colours together.

The box is filled!

Step 6: Now the Instruments.

I will put my loom like shown.

And, extra compartment for monster tail.

Hooks will be placed next to the loom and the mini looms too.

I got a small box for S/ C clips though, I only have S-clips.

And, the box will be placed next to the loom too!





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