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Introduction: How to Paint a Littlest Pet Shop Custom

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Hello Today I am going to show you how to paint an Littlest pet shop custom, some people people say painting the eyes are the hardest part but if you do it my way it will be easier, in my opinion I would say the hardest part is painting the details! You also don't necessarily need great skill in painting this but that would be ideal! So far I have painted quite a few custom LPS and in my opinion I have good skill! Enjoy!

Step 1: What You Will Need!

What you will need:
. Paper
. Acrylic paint
. Toilet paper/tissues (not pictured)
. Water in a jar/cup
. Paint brushes
. The littlest pet shop you want to paint!
. Dotting tool(small and big)/wood squire

Step 2: Scetching an Idea

First draw a picture of your pet customised the way you want it to look and label the decor and what colour their going to be, you also should pick a base colour and figure out where your going to start!

Step 3: Painting the Base Coats

First get a paint that is going to be your base coat, then shake it with the lid closed so it mixes the paint so you don't have to stir the paint up!
Next take a paint brush and dip it in the water, if there is any dripping water use the toilet paper/tissue to squeeze that water off the brush!
Now just dip your paint brush in the paint and start brushing away at the Littlest pet shop and remember after you've done the first coat of paint do not start painting the second coat of paint straight away only start the second coat once the first coat has dried! Warning: I do not how long it takes for your paint to dry so make sure to look at the directions on the bottle of the paint your using, mine takes 1 hour for each single coat!
After the first coat has dried paint your next coats, by the way it may take more than 4 coats to get the right colour, make sure there are no uncovered parts!

Step 4: Painting the Eyes

First paint a layer of white paint where the old eyes where! Remember if your first layer of white didn't cover up all the brown underneath it, you should put a 2nd layer after the first layer of white paint dries. Then paint a layer of black paint over the White leaving some space (look at photos). Once the black dries use the dotting tools/wood squire to dot white circles in the eyes, make sure 1's big and the other/others are smaller! ( look at photos)

Step 5: Adding the Details!

When adding the details what makes your LPS custom look stunning is what comes to your mind, let your imagination run WILD!!!!!!!
Like for instance you could make a rainbow pet, or a hamburger pet you could make your custom anything from five nights at freddy's to an Instructables pet! Like my pet, I made him simple but cute! What I did was I painted his fringe,ears,chest,tip of his tail,nose and paws and he looks great(my opinion!).
After The details are dry some people say you need to cover it with this stuff called mod podge or clear nail polish, but my paint doesn't need that!
By the way if your wondering what paint I use it's from the company:
TAMIYA- tamiya is a great professional Japanese modelling company that sells jet,cars,trucks.etc.models and things for models such as model glue,model paint(acrylic & enamel).etc.!
Good bye and hope you enjoyed!!!



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    8 Discussions

    wow! I have made some customs! I made one based off this one I changed her a bit though, so I'm not copying. I'm new lol. Well, keep up the good work!

    hey, ive made quite a few customs.

    if it will let me ill show you mine~

    You should make some instructables!:)

    Could you show pics of ur customs and I've made around 15! :-)

    Love it how you did it, But i can't do it lol i am not very talented if you want i can show a few pic of my lps customs if you like, How many customs have you made?

    Uncovered I mean!

    By the way guys I had an unloved part but that was where I was holding the LPS! :-)