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Introduction: How to Paint a Nebula/Celestial Object

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Hi! I will show you how to paint a nice celestial nebula from acrylic paint. I recently learned myself and I find that it looks very nice when finished.

Step 1: Materials

1 stretched canvas (I used a 11x14") 1 large flat brush (I used a 3/4 flat glaze) 1 small round brush 1 drink (in case of thirst) 1 paint palette Assortment of acrylic paints (be sure to include at least black, purple, white, and a dark blue) and a bright color Basic paint equipment (water and a paper towel)

Step 2: Background

Paint the canvas a smooth black with the flat brush. This establishes the void behind what will be painted. This black does not have to dry till after you add blue (so it blends better) Next, mix your dark blue with black (about half and half) to make a very dark navy color. Paint a irregular round blob-like shape large as the canvas but with an inch margin. The blue will be barely visible. Let dry before the next step.

Step 3: Main Color

Get your bright color (I chose a mix of a grass green and a glow in the dark neon green to add a glow to it) and with using your hands smear a random shape on the canvas. Don't restrict it the the center, make it about as large as the dark blue shape you made. Smear it thoroughly so it looks cloudy. If it looks ugly so far, don't worry it will come together. Let it dry.

Step 4: Purple Time!

Now after the main color has dried, smear some small amounts of purple near the edges of the green and sometimes overlap. This gives that purple hue that looms around nebulas. Don't smear too much but about a medium sized button amount of purple to smear.

Step 5: (Optional) Second Main Color

Smear small amounts of a second color in the gaps and close to the purple. I used a bright red and made sure it looked cloudy and not the basic paint texture.

Step 6: Stars!

Grab your small round paintbrush and dip the tip in white paint (this part is a little messy) tap the middle of the brush on your finger or another brush making it splatter paint drops about the size of stars on the canvas. Then fill in some large stars for variation.

Step 7: Done

Done! Thanks for reading. Leave a like if it helped.

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