How to Paint a Skateboard

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Step 1: Stencil

For this project I needed a stencil and I saw something called stencil tape at Michael's, but its basically masking tape so you can use that. So I just went down the board and covered it in the tape

Step 2: Draw on Your Design

I eyeballed my design so I took a sharpie and just drew it on.

Step 3: Begin Cutting Your Design

To cut it out i used an x-acto knife and just cut on the lines i drew.

Step 4: Preparing to Paint

Make sure you are outsides or in a well ventilated area because the paint can be toxic

Step 5: Painting

For the paint i used Valspar Plastic Spray Paint. I got it from AC Moore for under ten bucks. I didn't feel like taking off my trucks so I covered it in newspaper on the grass. I stood about afoot or so away and sprayed over the board. I used about three coats I think.

Step 6: Finished!

After it dried I took off the stencil and it was done!

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