How to Pick Fonts for Your Project Using Canva

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There are many different types of fonts offered in Canva for free. Canva is a free tool that anyone can use as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Canva has one million stock photos and text options you can choose from. Additionally, you can get a more custom design by importing your own images from your documents to create more tailored content.

Step 1: Contrast Bold Font With Uppercase and Lowercase

Short words look great when contrasted against the other words in bold. "The" stands out nicely even though "flowers" is the main word the eye will focus on. This is because the is in bold and upper case. Though we use different fonts here, you don't have to use different fonts. You can get the same effect by using different versions of the same font with uppercase, lowercase, bold, and italic.

Step 2: Select Your Fonts

Use the text box to insert text over an image. You can click on the text to change the font. Select the text box and a popup will appear with an arrow to the right side. Click the arrow and a menu will present many different options to choose from.

Choose a couple of fonts. You can use one font with multiple variations if you want to only use one font. Try not to use more than one or two fonts. To pair your fonts, find a good balance of contrast between the two. In this case, we use Aileron Heavy in all uppercase caps and in bold. This contrasts well next to the bold lowercase font. Try to use a little juxtaposition in your fonts without going overboard.

Step 3: Emphasize Your Fonts

Use fonts that offer lines to draw attention to your fonts. In Canva lines folder, find a line that you like and simply click the line to drop it on to your image. This will add a certain focus that enables legibility of the words. Sans Serifs fonts offer strong geometric lines.



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