How to Perform a Professional Magic Trick . . . in 30 Seconds!

Introduction: How to Perform a Professional Magic Trick . . . in 30 Seconds!

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I'm sorry about it being a bit fast, but you can pause it to read the words at the bottom to understand what's going on, if you don't get it. It explains everything at the bottom.

I have recently taken an interest in magic tricks (a.k.a. illusions), and I found this contest, and had an idea to teach it to the world, er, Instructables Community.

Have fun with this great illusion!



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    I <3 this triuck I've been doing it for years! 5/5

    i do proffecinal magic in germany and all over the world i do a rendtion of that trick but just learn how to differ their eyes so you dong have to put the deck behinde your back sory about mya english my first languadge is german

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    I have a friend who is completely obsessed with magic. Even cooler is, he is amazing at it, and either has, or could make quite a bit of money off of it.. By the way, I'm going to take a class on German. I think it is a fascinating language.

    Too fast - not enough time to read the text. Pausing or watching it more than once obviously takes more than 30 seconds. L

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    I'm sorry about that. It's just hard fitting a whole trick into 30 seconds. Just try following what I'm doing. I think I will try a different trick.