How to Play Bakugan Like a Pro.




Introduction: How to Play Bakugan Like a Pro.

As some people know, their was a Bakugan tournament a while back, the event was dubbed "Baku-con", I am one of the very winners of this tournament, i am the third place champion at Bakugan, I will be with you today to show how to make effective Bakugan team and to show you everything i know.

I thank you all who post on this set of instructions, may they post many more critiques and compliments.
Again thank you for honest critiques.

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Step 1: The Attributes of Bakugan

To start off this Instruct-able, you will learn about the six attributes.
The attributes stand for an element in nature. These are the attributes
Pyrus (red symbol)=fire
Darkus (black symbol)=shadows
Haos (white symbol)=Light
Ventus (green symbol)=wind
aquos (blue symbol)=water
Subterra (brown symbol)= earth
my personal favorite attribute is Haos, their ability cards aren't to shabby, the Haos Bakugan have excellent  g-power (more on this later), and they can rack up lots of  G"s (abbreviation of g-power) from their ability cards, although they aren't for beginners, their complicated and their cards have certain conditions that apply to the game.

for most beginners i suggest pyrus, pyrus is less complicated and you have a very good chance of finding a Bakugan with high g-power, they also have less complex ability cards(more on this later) and their color and detailing looks cool, theirs some cons to pyrus, pyrus is what EVERYONE uses
and usually, they have been playing with pyrus longer then you have, trust me.

i wouldn't limit yourself to pyrus, try out all of the Bakugan attributes!(if you have the money)

Step 2: The Basics: G-power

G-power is the power of a Bakugan, usually you want a higher g-power because the higher the G's the more powerful the Bakugan is.  a good G-power  is around 650 to 700, a Bakugan that should be put in your team is usually 700 to 780, their are also special evolution which are higher G's then that, i have a Quake Dragoniod that has 960 G's, they have certain conditions that you must fulfill in order to  play with it in a game.
anyway, when you flip a gate card (once more more on that later) you have the six attributes on the card, you then add G-power based on attribute, if the card says otherwise, the bakugan with the highest G's wins.
when you win a gate card you place it in your used pile, this means that you have 2 more gate cards to win the game.

Step 3: The Basics: Gate Cards

okay their are three types of gate cards, you may only have three and you may only have one copper gate, one silver gate, and one gold gate.
gate card's are what you roll your bakugan onto, once one of your opponents bakugan and one of your bakugan is on the same gate, a battle is started, unless the gate card is a lowest g-power wins gate ( i hate the lowest g-power wins gate card) the bakugan with the highest G's wins.
when beginning the game, you set a gate card facing your opponent

Step 4: The Basics: Ability Cards

Ability cards are used to boost your Bakugan's power or they might give you the advantage in someway, you may only have a green ability card, a red ability card, and a blue ability card.
Blue ability cards help you by raising your Bakugan's G-power.
Green and reds involve with your opponent or the gate card bonuses.
you play a ability card when the ability card says it can be played, for instance, i play a blue ability card in a battle, this raises my Bakugan's g-power by lets say a hundred G's i am winning by  50 G's and i have now captured the gate card.
you need only three ability cards one of each color.

Step 5: The Basics: the Bakugan and You

This section will be about the different Bakugan that you may want for your team and where to get these bakugan.

When you seek out your bakugan, don't whatever you do don't go to Ebay, they have a knack for their  merchants to selling counterfeit bakugan, which kinda got to me at the first Baku-con. Always buy from established shops (like wal-mart) to avoid the chances of your bakugan being counterfeit.
When shopping for bakugan in your attribute, focus on what attribute of bakugan you want, would you like Pyrus, the juggernauts, or Ventus, the stealthy-killers  *cough* ninja *cough*, it all depends on what you like, if you like Pyrus bakugan, buy the Pyrus bakugan. Once you buy enough bakugan, you will notice theirs a pattern, it usually is a low g-powered bakugan, a okay g-powered bakugan and then a bakugan that's powerful, try and pick out the one that is the powerful bakugan in your attribute.
notice that their is also a single-pack with only one bakugan in it, if you locate one that is one of the main characters, buy it, chances are that it is a really high powered bakugan, also look for the bakugan carry cases, i bought one for the heck of it and found a whopping bakugan with 780g's (780 is the limit for g power currently) so that was a good deal for 10 bucks.
some stores have store exclusive bakugan, wal-mart is arguably the best place to buy bakugan, they have a superior stock and they always have up-to-date bakugan. (note this may apply to my location only)
Back to the store exclusive bakugan, target, toys r us, and wal-mart all have bakugan exclusives.

The Next step will feature rolling strategy's.

Step 6: The Basics: Rolling Your Bakugan.

this will be short and sweet, everyone rolls differently, i flick my bakugan, this is more accurate and i suggest this style to beginners. Their is also a rolling style called the spin, developed by my friend, it has been copied by multiple brawlers, this style is more aggressive, this is better with heavier bakugan, as they have a better chance of a knock-out, a knock-out is when a bakugan is "knocked off" by the opponents bakugan, the person who achieved a knock out automatically captures the gate card, the spin takes practice and i might say it takes quite a bit, it took me awhile to even land on a gate card with the spin style, this roll is not for beginners, although i do encourage beginners to try out different styles of rolling. In the show they "throw" the bakugan, they make it look easy to land on a gate card. You also HAVE to roll TWO gate cards away, i saw lots of younger children trying to cheat and they eventually got flagged and disqualified, although that wasn't good to do, it was kinda funny.

The Next section will be about traps and battle gears.

Step 7: The Basics: Battle Gears and Traps

Battle-gears and traps help your bakugan in someway, you might wanna buy some to see how powerful your bakugan can get with a meager reference card, which can be used over and over again unlike disposable ability cards. traps however give you the ability to change your attribute to one attribute on the trap.
battle gears are used similarly to traps, when the gate card is revealed.

Step 8: Fin. (It Took Soooo Long, Trust Me I Know....)

Thank you for reading my instruct-able, it really is a honor.
thank you to my mom who has let me stay up for this, and thank you to lord darkus, who has inspired me to be a better player.
thank you to who ever reads this, and may you rate this accurately.

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    8 years ago on Step 2

    What if the bakugans neck when it moves the g-power changes cuz mine has 700 then 800 then 900 then 1000 and im not sure which one the power actually is :(


    9 years ago on Introduction

    they commonly have 770 g's, which is very nice, but that also depends on the attribute of the bakugan.
    thank you for being the first comment!


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    Is their any Questions, Comments, flames?


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     How many gs does the tiger thing have?


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     How many gs does the tiger thing have?