How to Play: Fantasy

Introduction: How to Play: Fantasy

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Fantasy is a great party game! The basic idea of the game is some people make up a story and about two people try to guess what the story is. Please vote for this if you like it! Move onto the next step for more!

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Step 1: How to Play

To play the game choose the people to guess the story. There should be about 2 people in a group of 6. After you choose, have them go away. While their away talk with the remaining people about the story. It could be anywhere from a god fighting a dragon, to a guy named Billibob Joe working at Friendly's. Once you ALL agree on the story have the people come in and start guessing. Questions can be as specific or broad as they want it to be. The catch is that if the guessers cant guess the story in under 10 minutes (or how ever long you want it to be) they lose and you can tell them the story. But if they do guess the story, your team has to guess their story in half the time they did yours or else the game ends. That's really it to the game but if you want different versions of the game then look at the next step.

Step 2: Versions

Version 1: the game could end when the two people guess the story then you all pick the next two people.

Version 2: the game ends when the two people (or more or less) guess it then they pick the next people.

Version 3: pick a story or theme and they try to guess it (make sure they know this).

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