How to Play Gameboy Games on IOS


Introduction: How to Play Gameboy Games on IOS

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Today I am going to show you guys How to play Gameboy games on iOS with no Jailbreaking totally 100% legal. If i didn't give steps specifically tell me in the comments or search up on youtube “how to play GBA Games on iPod "

Step 1: Go to Website

Go to “"

Step 2: Fix Lag

For it to not lag change to the date 2012

Step 3: Download Emulator

Tap on the website and choose the download then,choose the second one call“GBA4iOS"installer and install


Go to search “gameboy" and download stuff and scroll down and press download for example I am downloading Pokemon blue



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    Please help. I use gba4ios v2.1 and I turned frame rate to 0 and tried reinstalling gba4iod and the game but it's still really laggy. Please help

    Thanks, this is what a 90's kid needs. This is amazing thanks for teaching. It was very clear to use and I'm glad I saw this.