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Introduction: How to Play Mafia

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Mafia is a fun game you can play with your friends. The objective of the game is either to kill everybody if you are the mafia, or try to find out who the mafia is. This is not really a card, game but it uses cards.

I would appreciate a favorite and a vote. Hope you enjoy ;D

Step 1: Cards

To play this game you need a card for everyone and, with one being a king or queen. So let's say there's 5 people playing this game then you get 4 random cards and they cannot be either king or queen, then get 1 card that is a king or queen. Next mix the cards up and let your friends each take one, who ever has the king or queen is the mafia.

Do not show anyone your card!

Step 2: Playing

If you are the mafia then you have to secretly kill everyone by tapping them on the shoulder.
A dead person must lie on the ground, and for the rest of the game cannot say anything.

If you can kill everyone then you win, but if someone sees a dead body and shouts "DEAD BODY," then everyone comes together and votes on who they think the mafia is. If at least 2/3's of the people vote for you and if you are the mafia then the game is over and you lose, but if they pick someone else then the person who is picked is out of the game along with who ever is dead and the game goes on until you are either picked from voting or you kill everyone. If you are not the mafia then you just walk around and try to find a dead body and try not to get killed. If you do get killed you have to fall to the ground and not say anything. If you find a dead body the you yell "DEAD BODY" and everyone will come, if someone else yells "DEAD BODY" then you go to where he or she is.

TIP: If you are the mafia and if you kill someone then a you should yell "DEAD BODY," so that people won't suspect you as much.

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    5 years ago

    Cool I'll have to try that some time :D

    Cool! I've always played it without cards, you all sit in a circle, the naratior walks around picks people to be the mafia and the healer while everyone else closes their eyes, then the N says mafia wake up. Mafia points to who they want to kill, everyone else with their eyes still closed. then N says healer wake up. healer points to who they want to save, everyone else including the mafia eyes still closed. N says everyone wake up they all open their eyes and N tells them who was killed in the night. they then vote on who the Mafia is, the person voted out trys telling a story of what they were doing that night to prove themselves innocent. then another vote goes to see if that person still is thought the mafia if they are right, the game is over if they are wrong, the game continues, if the healer is ever killed and doesn't heal themselves, then everyone who is killed after that can't be saved from being out.