How to Play on Minecraft Servers 2

Introduction: How to Play on Minecraft Servers 2

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Step 1:

Go download this app it cost 2.99 I think its called multiplayer for minecraft

Step 2:

Once you got the app make sure mc pe is open before you go into the multiplayer app

Step 3:

Go into the app and press join game or join pocket mine. NOTE: pocket mine are the more advanced/moded maps and join game is just regular people who put their maps up their. I will also post how to host a sever later

Step 4:

So I pressed join pocket mine and pressed the Modern Warefare- world 2. NOTE: you always wanna play a sever that has less people. The less people the less lag. The more people the more lag

Step 5:

Once it says all set go back into mc pe

Step 6:

Go back into the app

Step 7:

Press play

Step 8:

Then the sever name will show up NOTE: if the sever doesn't show up you have to turn off or on local sever multiplayer

Step 9:

Click the sever name and it will locate the sever

Step 10:

And there you are joined in if you have any questions or concerns comment because I do read all the comments



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    Join my server at 20556

    nice but I need to join servers with android not ios

    SUPERhero instructables well it depends is minecraft open are you doing it on join game or are your settings not right

    FoolishGool yes it does I use this mainly


    4 years ago


    Does the app actually work