How to Play Spoons Our Way

Introduction: How to Play Spoons Our Way

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HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH? Playing spoons is getting boring and you want something like spoons but even better?
Then you've reached the right place, for I am going to tell you how to play spoon our way in just 3 easy steps.

If you want to know how to play spoons the normal way then go to this link:

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Step 1: Resource's

You will need:

A deck of cards

1 Fork (not spoon) for every player except 1

A playing space OUT SIDE (or else this could be chaos)

A box or chair (the chair cannot be one that you don't want to risk getting destroyed) for every player

Step 2: How to Play This AWESOME GAME

First what you do is place the forks some where a little distance away from the players and put the box's or chairs near where the forks are. Next start playing the typical spoons game, once someone gets all four cards then run as fast as you can to the forks, who ever doesn't get one is out of the game then the game go's on.

The person who's out of the game arranges the chairs/box's in an obstacle and hides the forks somewhere near there while the others are playing the game, its super funny to see everyone race to the forks while getting through the obstacles. I hope you have fun playing this game with your friends and don't forget to vote, thanks for looking ;D

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