How to Play With a Stuffed Puppy!

Introduction: How to Play With a Stuffed Puppy!

Have you ever wondered how to have fun with your furry friend? Well, your at the right place! Please read ahead!

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Step 1: Get a Dog

Most places sell stuffed dogs so you will have many dogs to choose from. Another choice is to buy one from the Internet.

Left(Beagle from IKEA)
Right(white dog(Minty)from build-a-bear)

Step 2: Get a Place to Chill Out!

You will need a house or bed to make sure your puppy can get enough sleep. We got our beds and house from Build-a-Bear Workshop. Or, you could make your own bed from cardboard.

Step 3: Now Feed It!

Get a Play bowl, (or real), and fill it up with fake food. Another option is to open safari on a IOS device and find a image you like of a food or water bowl and save it to images. Then, you need to open images and pretend that your dog is eating the pic.

Step 4: Supplies to Play!

Now you could play with anything with your dog, but I have some special supplies. I have a bone from build a bear, a squeaky bone, a stuffed parrot, and a squeaky small animal.

Step 5: Time to Play!

Now use your supplies to play!

Step 6: Let's Take a Walk!

Now you need to have some kind of leash to walk your dog.
You could use...
-A jumprope
-A real or play leash
-Anything long pretty much that you can tie around your furry friends neck.

Step 7: Zzzzzz...

Now let your dog snuggle up after a long day of play. You can sing it to sleep or read a bedtime story.

Step 8: Thanks!

Thank you for reading! Please "like" this instructable. :-)

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