How to Prank Candy Surprise !!!





Introduction: How to Prank Candy Surprise !!!

I teach you how to make this good prank for you fun with your family and friends !!!

Step 1: We Need for This Prank:

  • Candy Jar (of hermetic cover)

  • Balloon

  • Scalpel

  • Food Coloring

Step 2: Add a Few Drops of Food Coloring to the Balloon

Step 3: Balloon Filled With Water and Place the Jar of Candy

Step 4: Place the Mouth of the Balloon to the Side and Cover Our Candy Jar.

Step 5: Finally, Cut the Excess of the Globe With the Scalpel.

Step 6: Prank:

When someone will have to eat the candy jar will take this fun surprise!!!

Step 7: Video En Español.



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