How to Prepare Healthy Homemade Food for Your Cat




Introduction: How to Prepare Healthy Homemade Food for Your Cat

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An all natural food is better for you cat. Perhaps the best food diet for your cat is the one that you made yourself. There are so many cat foods available in the market, however some of them can pose a threat to your furry pet primarily because you don’t what it is in the food. Remember, you cannot be sure that every ingredient is posted in the label. So it is best to find another healthy alternative for your pet cat’s diet. You could opt for healthy homemade cat food.

Check out this healthy way in preparing homemade cat food.

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Step 1: Planning You Cat’s Diet

Determine the important factors that constitute your cat’s healthy and balanced diet. Make sure to that your cat can get all needed nutrients from the food you are going to prepare. Prepare a meal for your cat that is packed with vitamins and minerals especially calcium.

Step 2: Selecting the Kind of Meat

This is probably a tricky task to do. Raw meat diet can sometimes make your cat uncomfortable especially if it is new to it but don’t worry slowly it will get used to it. Cats are obligated carnivores and Taurine and Arachidonic acid are required nutrients for their diet. These nutrients are only present in animal sources. Choose the kind of meat that is fit for human consumption. You can choose beef, poultry, chicken, turkey, fish or other meats depending on what kind of meat your pet used to eat.

Step 3: Carbs in the Diet

The best cat diet is high in protein and low carb diet and it is not advisable to feed your cat with grains like corn, wheat, rice. Grains can easily be metabolized by your pet which can lead to digestive strain specifically in the liver and it the pancreas. It can also result to feline diseases like allergies, diarrhea, urinary tract infection and many more. If you really want to include carbs on your feline’s diet, you could opt for potatoes.

Step 4: What Is Your Feline’s Life Stage

In choosing what food to prepare for your cat’s diet, you also must consider the life stages of your pet. Kitten and adult cats have different needs in their nutrients in take. This can help in maintaining a complete balanced and reproductive growth of your pet.

Step 5: Food Preparation

Food preparation is an essential part in making homemade food for your cat. Make to have your ingredients fresh and clean. If you are using chicken meat, it is recommended to remove the skin part because it can’t be digested easily. Take note of the amount of meat you use to keep track of your cat’s diet. When you’re done with preparing the food, be sure to put it in a clean container and never forget to store it in a freezer.

Additional Reminders:

Ask the vet: If you are planning to feed your cat homemade food, you might want to consult your cat’s vet. Ask your vet for the guideline to follow in choosing cat food or in making homemade food one.

These are just basic steps in making homemade cat food. Follow these steps and enjoy the results.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, welcome to instructables! I see you just joined.

    You know the best food supplement you could get for them would be a live mouse. Those appear to have everything they need and they get to play with their food for entertainment. Now that I grossed you out, My daughter had a cat that had some bad stomach problems. He threw up almost everything he ate. We tried a number of things and finally found something that worked. We took his dry cat food and turned it into a powder in a food processor and then mixed it with olive oil until it was nice and soft. That he could eat and keep it down. Don't know why but it worked for him. Regular canned food did not work either but the olive oil made things much better.

    Akin Yildiz
    Akin Yildiz

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    we have done this exact move, powder the food and mix it up with coconut oil - they love coco oil :)


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Is your cat a "gulper?" One of mine throws up a lot, but I'm fairly certain it's because he Hoovers in his food before the other two have barely a start on theirs.

    I started feeding him very small portions, but more often. I can dampened his dry food with enough chicken stock to soften it and if I need to be away and skip one of his smaller meals, too.