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Introduction: How to Protect Your Cigarette Papers

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Ever buy cigarette papers and notice that they don't have a thing to keep 'em closed? It's maddening and even frustrating...Well, to me it is/was. Well this is so easy and simple, I don't see why the companies just didn't do this in the first place! I don't promote this for smoking weed or anything illegal. I actually use the papers for the tobacco that is left from my cigars. What you do with cigarette papers are your business.


1 pair of scissors [big or small, whichever]


1 packet of cigarette papers [of course]

Step 1: STEP 1: Get Cigarette Papers:

Any covenience store sells these like Corner Stores, or Grocery Stores, or "Bodegas". The cigarette papers usually cost $1 or $1.50 a pack. The only kind I have used so far is Bambu and Big Bambu. Bambu is the smaller one and Big Bambu of course is the larger one. I don't know how other papers fare but for this instructable I am using Bambu [which is the "smaller" one].

NOTE: The picture for this one is actually "Big Bambu" but the one I use for this is the "regular Bambu" meaning the small one. But, this is just for a visual. Don't worry, no matter which one you decide to use is fine.

Step 2: STEP 2: Go Get Some Scissors:

What you will need to get now is a pair of scissors. I suggest using small scissors like for trimming beards but you can use what ever scissors you have. The small ones allow you to get in there better to cut but your choice.

Step 3: STEP 3: Cut the Right Side:

Now what you wanna do is cut the right edge of the front flap to where the line is. you are just taking off a small part of the right side. and with that you can tuck the flap into the booklet. Cut the whole right side of the front flap from bottom to top. "It's so easy a cave man can do it", yup just had to say it. Geico would be proud lol.

Notice in the picture [with the words] that the words are cut off? That is because I cut the right side. Also, I went a LITTLE bit past the black line actually but it was actually on the line so it worked out anyway.

Step 4: STEP 4: Now Tuck in the Flap and You're Done!:

Once you are done cutting the right side, tuck the front flap into the booklet and SUCCESS! [for mine it was where you see the words: DISTRIBUTED BY:"]. Now you can protect the cigarette papers from harm. This was an under 2 minutes project, even if that. Good luck and success to you.

NOTE: You can probably do this for other things too just be inventive. Also note that for the Big Bambu I had to fold the cigarette paper up and THEN put the flap into the slot. So that's really not a biggie and doesn't cause a problem. So you can do that as well, if you have paper in the way ;) Notice in the 2nd picture I show that I folded the paper UP.

BEST OF LUCK!! Hope you enjoyed it.



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    Maybe they assume you will tear strips off the cardboard flap for making roaches with? Most of the people I knew who rolled their own did that, until they progressed to rolling machines and bought proper filters.

    12 replies

    at pennies a package I don't think they care enough what you do with the packaging, though a thoughtful industrial design student may be able to capitalize on this. On a side note to anyone that actually pays for filters, I have a bridge to sell you.

    On a side note to anyone that actually pays for filters, I have a bridge to sell you.

    I thought that actual fibre filters would be a bit more effective at... well, filtering.. than a rolled up bit of cardboard. Was never one for smoking much myself, so I'm not really an authority on the subject- just watched other people do it, mostly.

    Chalk it up to written words to not convey the spirit of what I mean. The comment wasn't directed at you PKM, only to readers. I should have turned the sass down a tad too. While commercial filters are available and will indeed 'filter' the smoke, they usually are too dense and inhibit proper suction (which in turn will allow your smoke to smolder out). Typically rolling papers like these aren't used for cigarettes, working on that assumption there aren't any (or shouldn't be any) chemicals or additives to filter out so a rolled strip of card is enough. For the select minority that actually use these for tobacco I have yet to see a home-rolled cig with a filter. My comment was more directed at the perceived need to purchase something that isn't required. And as you already mentioned, many people just rip the package these papers come in for filters.

    You're right about that actually, but I have seen filters on home-rolled cigarettes, they probably just dull down the harshness of the smoke so you can inhale easier. Notice that inhaling on cigars --which don't have filters-- is really tough and causes coughing if you aren't careful or experienced.

    They're rare, I have used 90 of them in my life. only because you had something you could hold without it squidging, and you save some tobacco. a cardboard roach does exactly this :)

    Hehe- no problem. I have a very different experience- a sizeable proportion of people in the UK, especially teenagers, roll their own. There are probably many reasons for this- it's cheaper (and with high tax that's a significant factor), rollies can be smaller than normal cigarettes for "beginner" smokers, looks cooler etc. Also, as the UrbanDictionary entry for "roach" points out, in this country "cigarettes featuring herbal supplement" tend to also contain normal tobacco. This could be a supply/availability thing (I believe pure "herbal supplement" is expensive and difficult to obtain) or just a difference of habit. This means there is more need for a filter in these, hence people buying filters. Or, again, it could just be a difference of habit- we put vinegar on fries as well :P

    haha, by contrast I live in Vancouver and smoking pure 'herbal supplements' is the norm, you're actually identified as 'not from 'round here' if you smoke it any other way. Talk about regional differences! As for fries... Living in such a diverse culture here also exposes us to loads of customs that seem wacky to visitors, however we are desensitized to it. Vinegar, along with mayo, salsa, gravy and salad dressing are a few fry 'toppings' that have cropped up here. I sometimes wonder if it's cultural-blending or just some oddball mad chef just messing with the local to see what they will consume. My conspiracy brain thinks it's just some social experiment.

    Fries with chili, cheese, mustard and onions taste great after some "herbal supplement". It's like a coney, but without the hot dog.

    The whole point of card is to keep the end-open (esp if you're likely to "duck-arse" roll-ups) not a filtering thing.


    Eh? unsmoked tobacco in the lung and being forced to throw away 1/7th of every cigarette is definitely worth a filter, though I switched to roaches personally.

    now why would u have tobacco from ur cigars... unless oh what ever the thing u need is a used altoids tin hay you could keep ur um tobacco in it too and use it to store a lighter and a few prerolled uhhh ciggarettes

    1 reply

    The cigar butts have tobacco left in there so after a few cigars you have enough tobacco to make a cigarette for sure

    Thank you to those that have checked out my instructable. To clear up any questions: 1) So far my cigarette papers and their glue are still in tact so in short: this does not harm the paper or it's glue and 2) This was made to keep the flap in place because it is annoying without tucking it in. Hope this has helped.

    One problem this wouldn't fix is papers getting damp and sticking to each other. And on an amusing note, a friend of mine told me he once had to make his own toilet-paper out of rolling-papers - think about that... L