How to Pull of the "DVD to the Face Prank"

Introduction: How to Pull of the "DVD to the Face Prank"

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So one day you're bored and decide you want to watch a movie, you go to your DVD rack and pick out one of your favorite movies.
Without Knowing the DVD box is booby trapped, You open it and all of a sudden the disc inside comes flying out and hits your right between the eyes. 

If you'd like to know how to set up this prank, Check out this Instructable!

Check Out The Video!

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Step 1: A

You will need,

1 DVD case w/ disc

Step 1- Begin by removing the label and the plastic cover from the DVD case, (don't throw them away, you will need them)

Step 2: B

Step 2- Open the DVD case and with your blade cut out the area that holds the disc into place.

Step 3- With that same blade, cut off a small piece from the side of the DVD case, 

Step 4- Repeat Step 3 on the other side (when opened) Make sure both cut outs are parallel to each other.

Step 3: C

Step 5 - Stretch out the rubber band

Step 6 - Put the rubber band over the closed DVD  case, make sure it goes through the cut outs you made on the edge.

Step 7- Open the DVD case, now you will feel the pressure of the rubber band, trying to force the case shut!

Step 4: D

Step 8- Place any disc of your choice inside the case, make sure the rubber band is in between.

Step 9 - Close the case cautiously, from the outside put your finger through the center of the disc to hold it in place, which will allow you to close it easily.

Step 10-  Tape the label on to the plastic cover

Step 5: E

Step 11- Glue the plastic cover w/ label on to the DVD case, this will help hid the rubber band and make it easier for your victims to find the DVD.

Step 12- Lastly, Place the DVD case where ever your victim is likely to get it.

Step 6: HOW IT WORKS!!!

* Depend on what type of rubber you use will determine how well this prank will work. 

Basically when the DVD case is opened the Disc inside will come flying out....

*note- the disc will not always hit your victims, but rather scare them... since the disc doesn't have sharp edges it will not cause serious harm to your victims.

WATCH the instructional video provided to get a better idea of how this prank is done and how it works!

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