How to Put a Head That May or Not Be Yours, on a Camel

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Step 1: Find a Picture of a Pretty Chill Camel

As you can see, I pick this picture (from google images) because this camel seems like a cool one.

Step 2: Pick Out a Head That May or May Not Be Yours

As you can see, I picked out this head because the man in this photo seems like a really successful business person. But you can pick out the head of a goose cuddler if you want but a head of a scrub is preferred.

Step 3: Put the Head That May or May Not Be Yours on the Camel

It's looks like we are done here , I hoped this helped you , the camel photoshopping rates this year are really high and before reading this you didn't even know how to do this, how embarrassing!



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